Signs and Evidence

Making clinical sense of scientific data


Unilateral pain

 Positive likelihood ratio
3.70 ( Smetana GW et al. )
(average) 3.7
Negative likelihood ratio
0.43 ( Smetana GW et al. )
(average) 0.43
Tension type headache
 Positive likelihood ratio
0.61 ( Pacheva IH et al. )
(average) 0.61
Negative likelihood ratio
10.25 ( Pacheva IH et al. )
(average) 10.25

Sources used:

1.Smetana GW et al. The Diagnostic Value of Historical Features in Primary Headache SyndromesA Comprehensive Review. Arch Intern Med. 2000;160(18):2729-2737
2.Pacheva IH et al. Diagnostic value of combinations of symptoms of migraine and tension-type headache included in the diagnostic criteria for children and adolescents in the international classification of headache disorders 2nd edition. Folia Medica 2013; 55(3&4): 46-55