Signs and Evidence

Making clinical sense of scientific data



Bridging a gap between science and practice

As a physician in a world rapidly being saturated by information I am missing our ability to translate scientific diagnostic knowlegde into our doctor's offices. In my view there is a missing link between the abundance of available data and our carpenter's eye. We rely on qualitative findings but we lack the ability to quantify what we see, feel, hear and smell. This tool is an attempt to gap that bridge.

We tend to be a bit uncertain about our diagnoses. I think that's quite a healthy attitude, but I also think it's quite healthy to keep looking for more statistical or evidence based certitude.

While the world is becoming more and more automated and information is becoming more and more plentiful we doctors tend to keep doing things our orthodox way. We justly rely on our gut and on the semiological rules we were taught. But those rules often lacked the backing of the hard data that science is able to provide nowadays. Meanwhile the techniques to calculate and present data online also evolved fast.

Sadly more and more resources are not freely available on the internet, which diminishes the value of calculation-tools as programmers and researchers usualy operate in different worlds.

I firmly believe we have to adapt to a time in which the relationship between science and medical practice is tighter and more constructive. This website is my effort to modernise my own workmanship. I hope it will also be of use to you.